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What We Do

Fiduciary Law Attorneys is a boutique law firm specializing in probate, trust and conservatorship administration and litigation. We represent individuals in fiduciary and/or beneficiary capacities in all manner of trust and probate petitions, pre-litigation negotiation, mediation, and litigation. We engage in extensive analysis of estate plans and powers of attorney in the context of routine administration, remedial proceedings, and litigation. 

The attorneys at Fiduciary Law Attorneys also work to counter fiduciary elder abuse, including initiation of contested conservatorships, financial elder abuse claims, petitions for appointment of professional fiduciaries, and Probate Code §850 petitions.

(Fiduciary Law Attorneys does not provide estate planning services, tax advice, or real estate services.)


Practice Areas

Trusts & Estates

Elder Abuse & Conservatorships



Fiduciary Law Attorneys


Address: 1109 Vicente St apt 104, San Francisco, CA 94116

Tel:  (415) 759-8755


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